Information About Family Medicine Services

At Oasis Medical Center of Georgia, our highly talented practitioners focus on various areas of medical care, such as direct primary care and health and wellness treatments. Our staff is excited to carry out a diverse range of effective medical treatments and exams. A few of our most popular services include preventive care and joint injections. Board-certified physician Dr. Josephine Anuforo specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing chronic conditions and overall health and wellness. With our direct primary care model, we can provide exceptional patient-focused care 24/7. Don’t wait to feel better. Schedule a consultation with our expert team in Dallas, GA.

Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care provides highly accessible, comprehensive, personalized, and affordable healthcare with 24/7 contact with practitioners.

Preventive Care

Maintaining your health through preventive care can reduce illness and treat conditions quickly to help you optimize your overall wellness all year.

DOT & Immigration Physicals

We offer physical examinations required to help individuals meet their obligations to the federal government.

Sports & Employment Physicals

We offer physical exams for adults and children who may need special clearances for sports and employment.

Health and Wellness

IV Nutrient Therapy

If you need more energy or are interested in preserving your health and well-being, IV nutrient therapy could be an excellent and effective option.

Ear Piercings

Dating back 5,000 years, the practice of ear piercing has evolved into modern, safe, and simple methods to showcase an assortment of jewelry.

Joint Injections

Our joint injection treatment reduces chronic inflammation and stimulates healing for the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, spine, ankle, and more.

Hormone Therapy

A hormonal imbalance can result in many unpleasant symptoms, but our caring staff is here to help you obtain natural relief with hormone therapy.

Weight Loss

Our medically supervised weight loss programs are designed to provide tools and guidance so that you can enjoy a healthier, more active life.
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