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What Are Sports and Employment Physicals?

We recommend that all patients have a physical examination at least once a year and more often for infants and children, as needed. Our primary care practitioner, Dr. Josephine Anuforo, is a certified internal medicine physician at Oasis Medical Center of Georgia who performs annual physical exams for adults and children who need special clearances for sports or work or require a special certification. Schedule your physical exam at our Dallas, GA practice today.

What Can I Expect from Sports and Employment Physicals?

While many employers, schools, and sports programs have different physical requirements, they generally include the same type of testing that can be performed at our Dallas, GA office. Medical history, family history, lifestyle and habits, and more will be discussed. Typically, we'll check your vitals (pulse, blood pressure, weight, height, etc.), test lung function, the strength of your muscles, reflexes, balance, flexibility, joints, and more. After completing your physical, we will fill out any necessary paperwork for you to return to your employer or child's school.

Schedule a Physical Exam

If you need a physical for a new job or your child needs a physical for school or an upcoming sports season, we encourage you to visit us at Oasis Medical Center of Georgia. Keeping up with routine physicals and other preventive care is essential for maintaining good, long-term health. If you need a physical exam for a special clearance, contact and schedule an appointment at our Dallas, GA office today.

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